Review: Adagio Teas’ Xue Ya Ballad

Xue Ya Ballad is a green tea that Adagio Teas offers. This tea is harvested in the early spring in the Keemun Region. The liquor of the tea was a pale,light yellow. The dry leaves smelled sweet and floral. I also smelled a hint of menthol in the dry leaves, that reminded me of Vick’s Vapor Rub. The taste of the tea was not as floral as it smelled on the nose. It was just a hint floral tasting, which reminded me a bit of a jasmine tea. The tea tasted fruity on the front part of my palette, when the tea first hits my tongue. There are some pretty sharp vegetal notes as well.which creates a very drying sensation in my mouth, that makes me want to go get some water. I don’t mind teas that dry my mouth out a little, but this one was too intense for me. In my opinion, this tea seemed a bit heavy for a Green Tea. Green Teas usually remind me of spring and summertime, but this one reminded me of a dark winter, in the middle of a snowstorm,perhaps.I don’t mean the liquor was darker, but the taste of the tea was different than the types of green teas I have had in the past. The scent of the wet leaves smelled of a mixture of seaweed and rubber, relatively unpleasant. All in all, this was an okay tea, I will drink it again, but I doubt I will re purchase once I run out. If I were rating this tea, I might rate it a 6 out of 10- not amazing, but not horrible either, right in the middle.


4 responses to “Review: Adagio Teas’ Xue Ya Ballad

  1. Thanks for an interesting review of this tea. I can imagine what it smells like; “seaweed and rubber” made me smile. “Old cabbage” is something I had the pleasure of sniffing recently – I wonder if this would fit this tea too..

    While I’m sure this tea appeals to some, perhaps even many, I don’t think it sounds that great to me. If offered, I’ll drink it but I’ll pass on placing any rush orders for now.

  2. I think I like this tea a fair amount more than you do, but I also experienced some of the harshness that you describe.

    The problem I ran into with this tea (which I highly in my brief review) is that if you brew it as recommended, it’s thin and bland…but brewing it longer and with hotter water brings out the harsher tones you seem to find unpleasant.

    • Alex, I’m really happy you commented on this because it gives me a chance to say that I have revisited the tea. I have tried steeping it a few more times and had more luck. I still have found it to be a very temperamental tea that has to be brewed with absolute precision.

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