Adagio Teas’ Genmaicha

Genmaicha is  a Japanese green tea that is notoriously known for pairing green tea leaves with popped rice and corn to create a curious flavor profile. Originally in Japan, these tea was served for the poor who could not afford the expense of tea, but still drank it. Adding the rice and popped corn to the tea took away from the price of the tea, making it cheaper to afford for lower classes. This tea can sometimes be paired with matcha, for added ‘umph’ and energy.

This was a very interesting tea. I really enjoyed it. I grew up eating puffed rice cereal for breakfast, so this tea,steeped, really reminded of a mixture of puffed rice,maybe some seaweed-y ocean smell (that could be because I was at the beach all weekend?) and some caramel on the nose. The tea itself is a rather light infusion, but has a robust flavor of the popped corn and rice that could have overrode the delicate green tea flavor, but didn’t. I like the two paired together, and as suggested by what did by adding some matcha to it. When matcha is added to the tea, the flavor of the tea is enhanced, as well as the color of the steep turning to a very green color. .All in all, I really like this, and would reconsider buying it in a bigger container, as i only purchased a sample of the tea.


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