Review- Adagio Teas Maestro Collection-Yunnan Golden Curls

When I opened this sample of tea I had never seen raw leaves that look so beautiful. They look soft, are golden and are curly.The appearance is very aesthetically pleasing and made me want to try the tea immediately. I have never tried a Yunnan Golden Curls tea before,and I am sad that this was my first because it was a great tea. Onto the tea, despite the light color of the raw leaves, the liquor was significantly darker than expected. Sipping on it, I was delighted by a savory flavor of something that reminds me of sweet potatoes or yams. I also get some creaminess in the tea, which made for a very smooth cup. Yunnan teas are known for their unique peppery flavor profiles and this tea was not lacking that at all. On the back end of the taste was peppery, as if you had added some pepper into the tea, which is a very interesting flavor and probably my favorite aspect of it! All in all, what a great tea, i’m so happy to have tried it!

For More Information on Adagio’s Maestro Collection Click : HERE

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