Tea Review: LeafSpa Teas Organic Banaspaty Bliss

Brand: LeafSpa Yunnan Gold

Tea Rating: 80/100

Steep Time: 5:00

Steep Temperature: 205 Degrees

LeafSpa Tea is an online retailer that offers a variety of organic, fair-trade teas. They are committed to have an exceptional collection of teas that are all USDA certified organic teas. The company has a passion for top quality teas as well as the environment, fair trade and community involvement. Whether looking for a tea for stimulation,relaxation, weight loss, detoxification, or overall heath improvement, LeafSpa can provide consumers with all of these teas and more. They are currently working on a line of spa products based on teas, such as Green Tea massage oils, Rooibos Tea Soap Scrubs and much more!

Their Organic Banaspaty Bliss Black Tea is a black tea from the Banaspaty Tea Estate located in the hills of the Assam Region of India. The smell of the steeped leaves and the steeped tea was very sweet and inviting. The tea’s liquor was also sweet,with some notes of honey, which aided in the smooth flavor of the tea. There was also some identifiable tobacco notes, as well as some dark forest-like flavors,that reminds me of driving through a forest. For a black tea, the flavor was not as full bodied as expected,which is why I think this tea would be a good morning tea or a good day to day tea, one that would take long to get bored of.  I have had nothing but a good experience with Steven and Jennifer from LeafSpa,so I definitely recommend you checking this company out! Not only do I suggest them because they are from New Jersey, where I am from and I love to represent my home state, but because LeafSpa is a wonderful company and are working towards great goals to maintain organic and fair trade teas and contribute to their  community and the environment through improving global trade conditions. Check them out!

For more information on Leafspa Teas and products:

find them on twitter : here
Find out more information about their company: here
or find out more information about their Banastapy Bliss : here

One response to “Tea Review: LeafSpa Teas Organic Banaspaty Bliss

  1. Thanks for the review and we really appreciate the effort to do the tasting and writing on this one! Seriously. For you and all of your blog’s readers, please use coupon code “GREENPASS” during checkout on our site for 10% off your entire basket, and, if you order over $50, it’s free ground shipping anywhere in the USA! Thanks again, and, let us know if there’s anything you or your readers need!

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