Review of Utopian Teas’ Green Spiral Tea

Brand: Utopian Teas’ Green Spiral

Tea Rating: 87/100

Steep Time: 1-3 minutes

Steep Temperature: 180 Degrees

Utopian Teas is a newly opened online tea retailer. They currently offer 2 oolongs and 2 greens for buying, but will be adding some varietals soon. All of their tea s come straight from individual plantations within the Fujian province & Wuyi Mountains in China. Which ensures good,high quality leaves!
This tea is sourced by Utopian Teas from the Fujian Province in China. This province is on the Southeast coast and is a major producer of tea. Unlike many other province’s in China, the Fujian Province produces a wide variety of teas, for example; a variety of oolongs, white tea, black tea and some scented teas.
What an interesting green tea, it’s like none i’ve had before.  The liquor was very dark in color, a very dark yellow shade, versus the pale yellow or pale green color that is commonly found in green teas. The flavor is very full and flavorful. It doesn’t taste vegetal,or grassy much at all, instead this tea has a deep earthy aspect, that reminds me of some black teas.The mouth feel was also thicker than the greens that i’m used to, but I like that aspect. The tea is like of nothing that i’ve ever tasted, the look of the dry leaves resembles gunpowder tea, but that is the only thing the two have in common. I like it, especially on the first day back from the weekend.

Check out Utopian Teas on the web…
Online Store: here
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4 responses to “Review of Utopian Teas’ Green Spiral Tea

  1. We’re very thankful for the support you’ve been sharing with Utopian Tea. Great read, and thanks again!

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  3. It wasn’t until reading this comment that I realized that you’re the same Stephen Wise of both Utopian Tea and Tea Hacker. =) Cool!

  4. Alex- I didn’t realize it was the same person until I was conversing back and forth with Stephen while ordering some tea a few weeks back, so don’t feel too bad! 🙂

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