Review of LeafSpa Teas’ Organic Blink Bonnie

Brand: LeafSpa Organic Blink Bonnie

Tea Rating: 88/100

Steep Time: 2-3 Minutes

Steep Temperature: 175 Degrees

LeafSpa Teas’ Blink Bonnie tea is a very aesthetically pleasing tea. The tea is from Sri LankaThe dry leaves consist of green,white and nutmeg colored sprials, that are about 2 inches in size spirals. These spirals are hand spun and they give the impression of a large spiral, which when the leaves unfurl, you see that you have more leaves than you started with, which I understand that more than 1 leaf was in the spiral, and shows 2 leaves and a bud in the middle, which is really fun to see unfurl after a few infusions! The liquor is a pale honey/copper color and has some similar smells that were in the dry leaf, which was a savory smell. The wet leaf really had more of a black tea smell to it, which was reminicent of a ceylon tea to me, smelling tanin like and a tiny bit malty. The tea is silky and light.It really does not stay around in your mouth very long, but the flavors taste great within my mouth. I automatically pick up are some astringency, which again echos a black or oolong tea. I also taste some earthiness, and sweetness in the flavor. The sweetness reminds me of a plum or a peach, but is quite light. I don’t really pick up any traditional green tea flavors,I don’t taste any grassiness, or nuttiness, or ‘green’ flavors. Regardless of the tea not fitting into the common green tea category, my favorite aspect was when I sipped the tea and swallowed, my mouth watered afterwards, making me want more. Breathing in after i’ve sipped, I get a refreshingly cool, almost menthol-like feel in my mouth, which is great.

I really enjoyed this tea, and I have started to drink it more often. I bought 2 tins during my last order from Leafspa because I liked it so much!  have had nothing but a good experience with Steven and Jennifer from LeafSpa. Not only do I recommend them because they are from New Jersey, where I am from and I love to represent my home state, but because LeafSpa is a wonderful company and are working towards great goals to maintain organic and fair trade teas and contribute to their  community and the environment through improving global trade conditions. Check them out!

If you want to make an order, all of my readers can use coupon code “GREENPASS” during checkout on Leafspa’s site for 10% off your entire basket, and, if you order over $50, it’s free ground shipping anywhere in the USA! Thanks again, and, let us know if there’s anything you or your readers need!

For more information on Leafspa Teas and products:
find them on twitter : here
Find out more information about their company: here
or find out more information about their Blink Bonnie : here

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