Canton Tea Steepster Deal!

I have had the honor of sampling a few of Canton Tea Company’s teas and they are tasty, and fresh and well deserving of the 8 Gold Great Taste awards their teas have won! Now, for a limited time, they are offering all 8 of these award winning teas in a gift pack for under 20 dollars!

Included in the Gold Award Tea Taster Pack are 10g samples of the following eight award-winning teas:

  • Bai Lin Gong Fu
  • Jasmine Pearls
  • Ali Shan
  • Mi Lan Dan Cong
  • Silver Needle
  • Vietnamese Puerh
  • Meng Ding Huang Ya
  • Pouchong

Don’t forget to enter the discount code: GOLD at checkout! This is a really great deal, and if you are new to tea, or are looking for some new teas to try out, I would recommend you give this pack a shot. You really can’t argue with that price for 8 of the top teas they offer!

Here is some additional information from their website about the Great Taste Awards!

Canton Tea Co has been awarded eight Golds in 2010’s Guild of Fine Food Great Taste awards, adding to the six Gold awards we won last year. These are the leading UK specialty food and drink awards, and are judged by top European chefs and food writers.

  • Our handmade Bai Lin Gong Fu Black tea won the top prize of Three Star Gold. Only 91 products out of
    6,017entries achieved three stars.

  • Ali Shan Oolong from Taiwan and Jasmine Pearls both took Two Star Golds.

  • Vietnamese Puerh, Silver Needle White Tea, Meng Ding Huang Ya Yellow Tea, Pouchong Green and Milan Dan Cong Oolong all won One Star Golds.

Once again the Guild of Fine Food’s expert judges have recognized really high grade teas.These are prestigious, independent awards and we were up against strong competition from some big companies and established specialists. We have now won gold fourteen times in our first two years. It shows that sourcing seasonal teas direct from small producers wins out.


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