Minisode #1- How to Cold Brew Tea!

How to cold brew tea:

#1) get a very large pitcher, that is either a gallon or half gallon.

#2) add about 1/4 cup of tea to half gallon or 1/2 cup of tea to gallon pitcher.

#3) fill with cold water

#4) Put in refrigerator,covered for 6-8 hours for first steep, and 12-15 for second steep.

#5) Pour a cup and enjoy!

For curiosity sake, I steeped the tea once,even though Chris & Amy didn’t say anything about that. It tastes just as good at the first steep! So after you are done with your first steep, add more cold water, stick in the fridge for another 12 hours and enjoy a second time the next day!

Review of LeafSpa Tea’s Eagle Nest Ever Drop Green Tea:

The leafspa eagle nest ever drop tea is a very full bodied green tea. The tea has vegetal notes as well as creamy,thick notes that remind me of a black tea. The green tea really coats my mouth and is creamy before I swallow. After swallowing, there is a hint of dryness on my mouth, reminiscent of cotton, but for me,this doesn’t take away from the tea at all.

For more information on Leafspa Teas and products:
Find them on twitter : here
Find out more information about their company: here

or Find out more information about their Eagle Nest Green Tea: here

If you want to make an order, all of my readers can use coupon code “GREENPASS” during checkout on Leafspa’s site for 10% off your entire basket, and, if you order over $50, it’s free ground shipping anywhere in the USA! Thanks again for being such faithful and fantastic readers to engage with! Much love to you all!

3 responses to “Minisode #1- How to Cold Brew Tea!

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  2. Great new idea. I have still yet to try this and I think I am going to brew some one night to take to work in the AM.

  3. Okay Melissa, I have a batch in the fridge as I type! I’m using Darjeeling, as it’s the first loose tea I’ve purchased, and all I have at the moment. I’ve poured it over ice before and it was delicate with a clean flavor. I might mix some of this batch with some freshly juiced lemonade to make my own half n half. Nice to see a vid again, and the quality is great! Now I want a new DSLR with a video option…I’ll let you know how my cold-brew turns out.

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