Ito En Iced Tea Showdown!

Today I am review Ito En’s Oi Ocha Teas, in light green and dark green packaging! You can find these teas at many local grocery stores and can also purchase them online on Amazon!

Ito En is also very immersed in social media, you can find them on…
Their Website!


4 responses to “Ito En Iced Tea Showdown!

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  2. Awesome video! It’s intesting how different people react to the dark green. I actually really enjoy it and have it with my lunch at work several times a week. But I know a lot of people who feel the way you do about the astringency too.

  3. Great review! I wish I had these teas available to try in my local stores, but unfortunately not. Just mostly Lipton and Snapple, which basically means nothing. But great video though. I’m really interested in the light green. Seems like you really liked it a lot.

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