Mellow Monk Tea is Blissmo’s Deal of the Week!

Sustainability and Eco- Consciousness are some things that are very close to my heart and the way I like to live my life. To see a tea brand, that is my passion, following the similar green philosophies that I have is very exciting for me!  Even if you don’t check out this particular deal, I would  recommend you still check out Mellow Monk Tea!  The deal from Blissmo this week is only good for another 4 days and offers you $10 dollars for $20 worth of Mellow Monk Teas! That is a pretty great deal!

Blissmo is a website that connects  conscious shoppers with Eco- conscious brands and products through weekly discounts. This weeks certified green business is Mellow Monk Tea, located in San Francisco, CA. Mellow Monk was chosen for this weeks deal because their business is certified as sustainable and is a certified Bay Area Green Business.

To become a green business,  Mellow Monk has to go through an evaluation to display how they have ‘green’ed their company. Some of the things Mellow Monk has implemented as day to day business practices are:

  • They minimize paper usage by doing all-electronic promotion (no mailings or print catalogs, for instance) and record-keeping, as well as using recycled papers whenever possible for labels, order slips, etc.
  • All Mellow Monk growers in Japan are family-owned and -operated, as well as being certified under the Japanese government’s Eco Farmer Program.
  • Aso is the perfect natural environment for growing tea — a high elevation, plenty of rain, sunny spring, not-too-hot summer, and cold winter, which allows the plants to hibernate
  • The growers also rely on strictly organic fertilizer to supplement the natural richness of Aso’s volcanic soil

Learn more about their sustainability practice here!

Here are some of the teas that Mellow Monk recommends!

If you are interested in the deal, you can head over to Blissmo.Com and follow these steps:
* Purchase with credit card or PayPal account
* After the deal closes they’ll send you a unique voucher code which you will need to redeem with Mellow Monk online at their website.
* If purchasing as a gift, you will be able to forward the unique voucher code you receive.
* Questions? Email Them… support {at}


2 responses to “Mellow Monk Tea is Blissmo’s Deal of the Week!

  1. Thanks for blogging this week’s saver! I can’t wait to get my Mellow Monk either 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting, Mellow Monk is new to me, looking forward to tasting!

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