Well, my dear readers!  I am very excited to announce Expanding Leaves’ very first giveaway! What might you win? Only the most delicious instant black chai tea. Tipu’s Chai Tea is an instant black chai tea, which is very spicy, as if you had made it on the stove with your on fresh ingredients, except without all the work! Tipu’s Chai tea is a blend our their own mix of spices that has been passed from generation to generation within their family! this recipe has traveled a long way from Gujarat in India to America and now to you!

This chai tastes great, and is extra spicy when you get towards the bottom of your cup, because there is a bit of spices left in the bottom of the cup for an extra spicy sip at the end!

Watch this video to learn about how you can win 4 oz. of Tipu’s Chai Instant Black Tea!

Rules for entering in the giveaway!

1) Follow Tipu’s Chai on Facebook and/or Twitter

2) Follow Expanding Leaves on Facebook and/or Twitter

3) Leave a comment below of your favorite way to make chai and your favorite chai blend!

My favorite way to make this Tipu’s Chai is to add equal parts hot cocoa mix and Tipu’s Instant Chai mix with steamed milk! It is like a spicy hot cocoa and is delicious!

The Giveaway is over! Thank you to all who participated!

This Giveaway will end at Midnight EST Friday, October 1!

Good Luck and thank you to Tipu’s Chai (And to all of my faithful readers!) for helping make this happen!

16 responses to “EXCITING NEWS!

  1. Wow, how exciting. I have never had an instant chai before and would love the chance, you sound so excited about this and your making me curious on how it tastes. Now as for my favorite chai tea…honestly I don’t have one. I am still on the hunt. Probably the best is my moms personal blend and those that family has made for me when visiting India. Other than that I do have likes but no loves. I do like…
    1. Mayan Chocolate Chai – 52Teas
    2. Perry The Platypus Signature Tea Blend – Adagio Teas
    3. Indian Chai – Tea Gschwendner
    However, still I do enjoy the above noted teas I still haven’t found one that I crave all the time.

  2. Yay! I’m excited for your first giveaway! And it’s a Chai. Instant chai would be amazing for me right now as I have had many stovetop chai failures as of late. My favorite chai is constantly changing as I expand my horizons but right now it would be 52teas Chai with Chocolate.

  3. I am excited about this, your first, giveaway!

    I start every morning with a tazo (concentrate) soy chai latte and love trying new chais

  4. I liked EL & Tipu on FB and followed on Twitter.

    As for my fave chai & way to make it I’m still experimenting…trying to find the ‘one’ magical chai that will floor me. Maybe this will be it since it’s more authentic…

    And grats on the giveaway! Exciting!!

  5. I am following on Facebook

  6. following tipu AND expanding leaves on fb

  7. Really, this isn’t a suck up – but Tipus Chai is absolutely the best! I drink both the slow brew and instant. I have family members who were adopted from India – and the entire family says this is the best, most authentic chai they’ve ever tasted. Since I’ve never been to India to taste the real thing – I’ve got to believe I’ve chosen the best!

  8. My favorite way to make chai is brewed strong and then with the addition of frothed milk. My favorite chai is republic red chai! Its so spicy and delicous!

  9. I have gotta say may FAVE chai is Mayan Chocolate Chai by 52teas… I actually buy it by the pound from their co company ManTeas (cuz it’s cheaper that way). I drink a 16oz cup (half water, half Smart Balance Milk) every day.

  10. Hi, Melissa! I’m following both you and Tipu’s Chai on twitter, love the giveaway! If I have time to properly prepare chai, I brew it on the stove with water and spices and add milk while brewing. I also love to add a vanilla bean! If I’m rushed it just gets brewed strong and then the heated milk and cinnamon stick added… My current favourite is Wissotzky’s Beouin Chai, although there are a few others I like as well. I would love to try Tipu’s instant! Congrats on your giveaway.

  11. I am following on Twitter! And I like my chai the best when cooked on the stove. There is no better way. I like it with soy milk OR a bit of French Vanilla Creamer. I know.

  12. This sounds delicious!

    My typical chai brewing is loose leaf mixes from various sources, I steep for around 45 seconds to one minute, depending on the chai and the amount I have, etc. I mix this with a small amount of whole milk and sweeten with honey. Not the most exciting thing ever, but I love it, and don’t drink chai all that often, so it’s a treat for me.

  13. Sheena Piedascalzzi

    Tipu’s Slow brew Original is all I’ve had of theirs back when I lived in Missoula. I got it from Tipu’s restaurant mostly. It is by far the only chai for me. I have tried more than a dozen brands and concoctions and nothing even comes close to comparing. It has been years since I have had a real cup of chai….Tipu’s, of course!

  14. My favorite is probably Honu Chai from Light of Day Organics, though Dragonwater’s Green Chai is pretty neat too. I’ve been loving the stovetop method since I discovered it a few months ago!

  15. jordan m williams

    Stove top is the method of choice for me. Sign me up, my mother enjoyed the rest of the sample I gave to her. So it would be a nice gift for her if I win.

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