Damn Fine Tea Captain Assam

Brand: Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea
Tea Rating: 80/100
Steep Time: 5 minutes
Steep Temperature: 212 Degrees
Price: $20.00 for two 2 oz tins of tea + tattoos!

Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea recently released their 5th series, which features a The Mermaid’s Kiss, a Chinese scented oolong tea, and Captain Assam’s High Seas Elixer, which is an Assam tea from India. Today I am going to review Captain Assam’s High Seas Elixer (See my review of The Mermaid’s Kiss)!

First, the unsteeped leaves have tiny golden tips on the them, and are  brownish  in color. The dry leaf didn’t really smell all that much, and similar to the steeped liquor, which smelled like ‘tea’, sort of a tannic,maltn Assam is not very astringent or tannic in character at all, whichy,creamy smell that really can’t be described well. The liquor is a beautiful deep reddish brown.

This is a lighter Assam tea, but does pack that caffeine! I took this with me to my Ancient Philosophy class this morning, and the Captain made my morning. The tea is very much in the vein of a breakfast tea, shown in its lighter flavor profile. It is lightly malty, and creamy. I added some milk this morning to cool the tea off before sipping, and that just made it creamier! Usually, I don’t add milk to any of my teas,but I had to try this one both ways, and I say- go for the milk if you want some extra creaminess! Captai is nice in the morning. It does have that drying mouth feel after you sip, but that isn’t as prominent as its malty and sweet notes! The next time I steep it, I want to see how well it over brews, I have a feeling this one may over-steep and still taste pretty good, since its not as tannic as some other black teas . Overall, I really dig this tea, and the entire Series 5 from Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea.

If you pick this series up, I want to hear your thoughts! Thank you to Erik and Charles for creating yet another enjoyable series!

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or buy this tea!

as always, all photos are property of Melissa Wrzesniewsky and are not to be used or borrowed without artist authorization.


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