Arbor Teas’ Tea Infused Chocolates!

Brand: Arbor Teas’ Tea Infused Chocolates
Tea Rating: 100/100
Price: $18.00 for the truffle assortment.
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Arbor Teas was gracious enough to offer me a sample of their popular Tea Infused Chocolates! These chocolates are infused with their teas. The description on their website reads “Each truffle assortment comes with one of each of the truffles described above. And, as with all Arbor Teas products, we’ve gone to great lengths to source the most sustainable products and packaging materials available, so you can enjoy this treat guilt-free!

You will not be able to resist our gourmet tea-infused chocolate truffles! These tasty little treats are hand-made by our friends at Sweet Gem Confections, using the finest quality chocolate. Each truffle is infused with a different variety of organic tea, carefully matched with the perfect combination of chocolates to highlight the unique characteristics of each.” I could not wait to try these!
First up is their Matcha Truffle!
Description: “ A healthy dose of our organic Matcha Green Tea give the white chocolate center of this milk chocolate truffle a vivid green color and rich green tea flavor.”

This chocolate was very creamy. The milk chocolate paired really nicely with the matcha flavor. The Green Tea flavor is not over steeped at all and instead taste milky, creamy and a tiny bit bitter, to remind you it’s there!  I  taste some light green tea flavors of bitterness and astringency, but the sweetness that can be tasted in matcha is also prominent in the truffle, and pairs really well with the milk chocolate!

I really enjoyed this matcha truffle. It was wonderfully balanced in flavor.  The chocolate stayed true to what a truffle tastes like, while still embodying the matcha green tea as well! If you are considering buying these, I would recommend you splurge as a special treat to yourself!

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Website: HERE
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: HERE
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