Arbor Teas’ Tea Infused Chocolates; Masala Chai Truffle!

Brand: Arbor Teas’ Tea Infused Chocolates
T ea Rating: 100/100
Price: $18.00 for the truffle assortment.
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Description: “White chocolate ganache infused with our spicy Masala Chai Black Tea, coated in white chocolate, and topped with a chocolate marble.”

I love this truffle. Surprisingly, the Masala Chai Truffle was the lightest of the 6 truffles! This truffle is white on white, and is exquisitely creamy and delicious. The chai flavor is light,which balances very nicely with the lightness of the white chocolate. There is a light spiciness from the chai in the truffle, with subtle flavors of cinnamon,anise,clove and the other traditional flavors associated with chai.  The truffle is very smooth, and melts right in your mouth. The only contrast is the ball on top of the truffle, which is crunchy. This truffle reminds me of sipping on white hot chocolate, with maybe a teaspoon or two of chai mixed into the drink. This truffle was the most balanced of all of the truffles, which the Chai flavor not overpowering the white ganache, but instead harmonizing with the ganache to create a lovely truffle.

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