Holiday Gift Idea: Tipu’s Chai Gift Basket

We all have that one person in our lives who are the hardest to give gifts to, whether they already have everything they need or you don’t know them that well; this gift basket is for you! Or maybe you are searching for a great gift for a fellow tea lover in your life, or for yourself!  Coming from Tipu’s Chai, a great company who sells authentic Indian chai in instant form, this holiday gift basket includes “One 4 ounce bag of Slow Brew Original Chai, a beautiful mug and a tea strainer”, all to help make the perfect cup of chai. This gift basket is priced just under $20, which makes it a very affordable gift!

I have tried Tipu’s Chai before, and I love it. It makes a strong,spicy cup of chai, and is great for these winter months! If you aren’t big on the spiciness of chai, my secret is to make hot cocoa, and add about a half teaspoon of the instant chai in. The chocolate helps to dial back the spiciness of the chai, and tastes delicious when mixed together!

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3 responses to “Holiday Gift Idea: Tipu’s Chai Gift Basket

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  2. Hi Melissa, thanks so much for recommending Tipu’s this holiday season! Hope yours is the merriest!

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