Canton Tea Company Spring Tea Sampler Deal!

Canton Tea Company has just came out with their new spring teas! How exciting! They have a great sampler pack, which includes, 10g of Snow Bud Tea (Xue Ya), 10g of Mao Jian, 10g of Bai Lin Gong Fu and 10g of Ye Sheng or Wild White tea!

Here are the descriptions of these teas from their press release to make your taste buds tremble 🙂

Mao Jian is made up of soft, curly, tippy leaves, a higher grade and even better than last year. A refreshing, light easy-drinking green.

Xue Ya or Snow Buds are bright, sappy and seriously moreish. Once steeped, unfurl the perfect tips and nibble the soft green buds.

Bai Lin Gong Fu made from the same long curly buds as the Wild White but fully oxidised into this caramel smooth black tea.

Ye Sheng or Wild White is a tea with a beautiful mix of long silvery buds and young leaves. It is an ideal all-day, summer tea, very soft on the palate with a creamy depth and a satisfying full-bodied, warm fruity note, lifted by the mildest hint of flint (from that excellent ground).”

I cannot wait to try these teas! Look for reviews from me in the next 2 weeks!
Finally, if you can’t wait and must have your first springtime teas right now, then here is a promotional code for my fabulous readers SPRING2011 ,which will entitle you to a 50% discount on the spring tea sampler! That’s a pretty awesome deal, samples of 4 fresh spring teas, for around $8!?


One response to “Canton Tea Company Spring Tea Sampler Deal!

  1. Wow…this looks like a sampler that I’d particularly enjoy. Xue ya is one of my favorite styles of tea, and I have recently found that I enjoy mao jian as well. The other two teas are styles that I have not tried but they sound intriguing.

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