Tea Vivre’s Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea

 Brand: Tea Vivre’s Jasmine “Dragon Pearls” Green Tea

Rating: 85/100
Steep Time: 1-2 minutes
Steep Temperature: 176 Degrees
100g (3.5oz) for $13.90 ; 200g (7oz) for $26.40 

         I am not normally a lover of extremely floral teas. So, I was pretty weary of trying this one! To my surprise, I didn’t mind it. The floral quality was not overpowering, instead it was sweet, succulent and quite crisp.  It is interesting how the floral smell of the tea changes when steeped into a sweet flavor. It took these leaves 3 steeps to unfurl completely. And after the third steep, the flavors started to dissipate quite quickly. 4 steeps is quite impressive for a lighter bodied green tea, though!

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           One of my favorite things about steeping tea is watching the leaves slowly unfurl with each steep. There is a sense of calm when watching these pearls slowly unfurl from a pearl into long,thin green tea leaves.  It is very beautiful and soothing to watch!

Back to the review! There is a tiny bit of a green tea flavor,which is shown in the crispness I talked of earlier, which shows through a bit in the first steep. However, but the third steep, the jasmine is slowly dissipating and the green flavor starts to become more prominent.

Although I am not a lover of floral teas, this one was not too bad. If someone loves floral teas, I bet they would really enjoy this tea! Sometimes jasmine teas can taste and smell like they have been artificially scented, and this one does not smell artificial at all! I like that it smells like real jasmine, which allows the flavor quality of jasmine to truly become part of the green tea!


disclaimer: I received this tea from Tea Vivre to sample. Thank you to Tea Vivre for sending such generous samples of their teas!

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