About Me

My name is Melissa. I am currently a student at Drew University in New Jersey,where I major in Art History and Philosophy. I have lived in New Jersey my entire life, and love everything about “Dirty Jerz”. My history with tea has been ongoing my entire life. Growing up, I always drank tea when I was sick. Of course, the tea that was steeped was not anything that I would venture off to love in the future. Instead, the tea was strange,dusty, and tasted gross. I never grew to love the tea, no matter how many times I was told it was “good for me”. Sometime in high school I began my adventures into the “real” world of tea. I started to drink bagged tea, which was all I had been exposed to during my life. I drank bagged green tea and bagged earl grey black tea- they seemed to be a step up from the vitamin stores’ herbal teas I grew up drinking. On a fateful day, in the supermarket, while looking at the expansive tea aisle,searching for something new, for something to fall in love with, I found a woman standing in front of 20 large circular silver cans, all with different labels on them, Chocolate Chai, Rooibos, Silver Needle, Dragonwell, Assam. Then, all these words were overwhelming to me, who knew there was so many types of tea? I sure didn’t. I stood next to the woman, and asked her what this was about, and what she was doing. I wish I had gotten her name, knowing what I know now, finding a fellow tea lover is hard, especially in a metropolitan area that is fast paced and here everyone drinks coffee on the go. I owe my love, admiration, and head over heels craziness to this stranger. She told me all about loose leaf tea, explaining every detail, and suggested I smell all the teas, and get samples of the ones that are of interest to me. I think I went home with 10 different small bags of tea that day. My way home was filled with excitement, I didn’t know it then, but looking back, I had just learned about something I would fall in love with and drink every single day. When I got home, I chose to brew up chocolate chai, and I was in love from the very first sip. Since then, I have perfected my chai tea brewing method, but that might be the best day of my life, since it has brought me to where I am today. I also learned that day that I was about to enter a world that many people don’t enter, the world of tea drinkers. I haven’t met many tea drinkers in my day, and the ones I do meet,usually drink bagged tea. I hate the pretentious bagged tea drinkers who think they are above everyone else, I mean, lets face it, there is much better tea out there than bagged tea floor sweepings. I’m not pretentious, i’m not better than you, I just enjoy tea,and want to share my thoughts and the things I learn.
Other than tea, some of my hobbies are the outdoors, hiking,photography, tech,apple products,crocheting, sewing, zen meditation, cooking, reading, writing,  and some other things.

Find me here:
I guest post on CA Tea House’s Tea blog!

Email Me at: expandingleaves@gmail.com


3 responses to “About Me

  1. hey melissa, thanks for sending me the link to the mr tea cup. that had me laughing pretty hard. i’m gonna try and track one down now. cheers.

  2. Hi Melissa! I’m new to the big world of tea, as far as reviews & all that, but am interested in having some of my teas reviewed . Let me know what I need to do. Thanks! http://bit.ly/96ngfH

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