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Canton Tea Company Spring Tea Sampler Deal!

Canton Tea Company has just came out with their new spring teas! How exciting! They have a great sampler pack, which includes, 10g of Snow Bud Tea (Xue Ya), 10g of Mao Jian, 10g of Bai Lin Gong Fu and 10g of Ye Sheng or Wild White tea!

Here are the descriptions of these teas from their press release to make your taste buds tremble 🙂

Mao Jian is made up of soft, curly, tippy leaves, a higher grade and even better than last year. A refreshing, light easy-drinking green.

Xue Ya or Snow Buds are bright, sappy and seriously moreish. Once steeped, unfurl the perfect tips and nibble the soft green buds.

Bai Lin Gong Fu made from the same long curly buds as the Wild White but fully oxidised into this caramel smooth black tea.

Ye Sheng or Wild White is a tea with a beautiful mix of long silvery buds and young leaves. It is an ideal all-day, summer tea, very soft on the palate with a creamy depth and a satisfying full-bodied, warm fruity note, lifted by the mildest hint of flint (from that excellent ground).”

I cannot wait to try these teas! Look for reviews from me in the next 2 weeks!
Finally, if you can’t wait and must have your first springtime teas right now, then here is a promotional code for my fabulous readers SPRING2011 ,which will entitle you to a 50% discount on the spring tea sampler! That’s a pretty awesome deal, samples of 4 fresh spring teas, for around $8!?


Holiday Gift Idea: Tipu’s Chai Gift Basket

We all have that one person in our lives who are the hardest to give gifts to, whether they already have everything they need or you don’t know them that well; this gift basket is for you! Or maybe you are searching for a great gift for a fellow tea lover in your life, or for yourself!  Coming from Tipu’s Chai, a great company who sells authentic Indian chai in instant form, this holiday gift basket includes “One 4 ounce bag of Slow Brew Original Chai, a beautiful mug and a tea strainer”, all to help make the perfect cup of chai. This gift basket is priced just under $20, which makes it a very affordable gift!

I have tried Tipu’s Chai before, and I love it. It makes a strong,spicy cup of chai, and is great for these winter months! If you aren’t big on the spiciness of chai, my secret is to make hot cocoa, and add about a half teaspoon of the instant chai in. The chocolate helps to dial back the spiciness of the chai, and tastes delicious when mixed together!

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So, I was approached by Canton Tea a few weeks ago asking If i would be interested in helping them promote their christmas deals! Of course I said yes, as I love to bring cool tea deals to my readers! There are a lot of options to choose from… some big, some small, but all of them are moderately priced for what is included! I will post up some of my favorites here, and if you are interested in checking all of their holiday gift ideas out, you can go to their website to see all the fabulous ideas and gift hampers they have put together for the holidays!
HERE IS A SPECIAL JUST FOR EXPANDING LEAVES READERS:USE  promo code EXPANDING which will entitle you guys  to a 10% discount! How awesome is that!

My first favorite gift ideas from Canton Tea are their stocking stuffers, which are all priced around 5 dollars! Here, you can choose from some wonderful tea accessories, like a Pale blue Yixing cup or a Bamboo tea strainer, or 3 tea tasters of 10g each of their Jasmine Pearls, White Silver Needle and Green Pouchong tea. There are some great ideas here for stocking stuffers, and at awesome prices.

I also enjoy their Gold Great Taste award sampler pack, which includes 8 of their award winning teas, if you want to know more about this, you can read my review here!

However, throughout all of the deals they are offering on these Christmas hampers, my personal favorite, and the one I would most like to receive is their Chocolate and Tea Pack! I mean, what pairs better than fine delicious chocolates and superb, quality loose leaf tea?  In this box, there are 16 gourmet chocolates and 5- 10g tea samples! What a steal for $43.00!

ALSO HERE IS A SPECIAL JUST FOR EXPANDING LEAVES READERS:USE  promo code EXPANDING which will entitle you guys  to a 10% discount! How awesome is that!

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picture is property of Canton Tea Company and was borrowed from their website for the use of visual appearance of the tea hampers.


Hey Everyone! I am very exciting to take a short break from tea reviews to bring you this exciting news! We here at Expanding Leaves are hosting a giveaway in to celebrate the culmination of fair trade month and the autumn season! Watch the video below to learn more!  A huge thank you to Leaf Spa Tea for offering up the teas for this giveaway! We’re so gracious!

You’ll have to watch the video to see what you can win if you enter! 🙂



How to Enter?!

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3) Comment below with you favorite 2 candies!

Click here to see my thoughts of the LeafSpa Teas I’ve tried!

This giveaway will end on Friday 10/29 at 12 midnight EST!

Damn Fine Tea Captain Assam

Brand: Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea
Tea Rating: 80/100
Steep Time: 5 minutes
Steep Temperature: 212 Degrees
Price: $20.00 for two 2 oz tins of tea + tattoos!

Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea recently released their 5th series, which features a The Mermaid’s Kiss, a Chinese scented oolong tea, and Captain Assam’s High Seas Elixer, which is an Assam tea from India. Today I am going to review Captain Assam’s High Seas Elixer (See my review of The Mermaid’s Kiss)!

First, the unsteeped leaves have tiny golden tips on the them, and are  brownish  in color. The dry leaf didn’t really smell all that much, and similar to the steeped liquor, which smelled like ‘tea’, sort of a tannic,maltn Assam is not very astringent or tannic in character at all, whichy,creamy smell that really can’t be described well. The liquor is a beautiful deep reddish brown.

This is a lighter Assam tea, but does pack that caffeine! I took this with me to my Ancient Philosophy class this morning, and the Captain made my morning. The tea is very much in the vein of a breakfast tea, shown in its lighter flavor profile. It is lightly malty, and creamy. I added some milk this morning to cool the tea off before sipping, and that just made it creamier! Usually, I don’t add milk to any of my teas,but I had to try this one both ways, and I say- go for the milk if you want some extra creaminess! Captai is nice in the morning. It does have that drying mouth feel after you sip, but that isn’t as prominent as its malty and sweet notes! The next time I steep it, I want to see how well it over brews, I have a feeling this one may over-steep and still taste pretty good, since its not as tannic as some other black teas . Overall, I really dig this tea, and the entire Series 5 from Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea.

If you pick this series up, I want to hear your thoughts! Thank you to Erik and Charles for creating yet another enjoyable series!

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as always, all photos are property of Melissa Wrzesniewsky and are not to be used or borrowed without artist authorization.

Fresh Friday!

Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea is one of the first high quality teas I tried back in the day. Their dragonwell from series 1 got me hooked on dragonwell for a very long time! I’ve ordered every one of their series since the release of series 1, because they’re customer service is great(not to mention very fast shipping!), their teas are always delicious and the labels on the teas are awesome too! This week’s very first Fresh Friday is Series 5 of Damn Fine Tea, which was released last week, after much anticipation and patience!

Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea recently released their 5th series, which features a The Mermaid’s Kiss, a Chinese scented oolong tea, and Captain Assam’s High Seas Elixer, which is an Assam tea from India. Today, I am going to review The Oolong, and a review of the Assam will be up this weekend. Finally, maybe the funnest part of ordering their teas is the added surprise gift, like an autographed postcard, stickers, a patch, or a set of tattoos, which is this series’ fun gift!

Brand: Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea
Tea Rating: 85/100
Steep Time: 5 minutes
Steep Temperature: 180 Degrees
Price: $20.00 for two 2 oz tins of tea + tattoos!

Now onto the tea! I love Oolongs, so I steeped The Mermaid’s Kiss first!  I really like this tea, it is a beautiful medium/dark green color in the dried leaves. The dry tea also smells  very lightly floral, and is not overpowering. I admire this about the tea, because personally, I do not usually enjoy  Jasmine Teas, for they can either be too Floral, or taste fake and flavored. This tea is neither of those things. It smells lightly floral and sweet.  I steeped this tea for  5 minutes in 180 degree water, as suggested.

The smell of the steeped liquor was the first thing to hit me. Mind you this was the first tea I got to enjoy after getting over my cold a few day ago, so my experiences and senses may have been heightened from lack of being able to taste and smell tea for a week ;). The smell of the steeped tea was lightly like jasmine flowers,but was sweet, succulent smelling, and intoxicating to my senses, the smell urged me to take a sip each time I got a sniff! Once I took a sip, I was reminded why I had waited to [im]patiently for this series. This oolong is fantastic. It had a pretty thick mouth-feel, and it is as creamy as it comes. Taking a sip, reminded me of taking a bite of a buttery biscuit, where it is both cream and buttery. The flavor is very lightly floral, and fruity. The fruitiness tastes like peaches, or plums, that kind of sweet astringency that you get from those fruits. I really enjoyed this tea, and hope to hear your thoughts if you have picked up this set as well! Thank you to Erik and Charles for creating yet another enjoyable series!

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ThepuriTea Steepster Select deal!

For the very first time, Steepster Select is showcasing ThepuriTea’s Mix Sampler at a discounted price! Hate buying pre decided samplers, that always have that one or two teas that you really want, but the others you wind up hating? Well, here is a deal for you! You can create your own  sampler set and try any of the teas that they offer on their website for an up to 30% discount! All of the samples of their teas are priced very fairly between $2-5, for quite a bit of tea per sample!

If you are new to tea, or are looking for a new company to fall in love with,but don’t want to commit to buying 5 oz. of each tea, this deal is for you!The more teas you decide to try, the more discount you will receive! Here are the discount levels:

  • $6 – $19: Save 20%
  • $20 – $39: Save 25%
  • $40+: Save 30%

“This is a great way to try out thepuriTEA for yourself, just the way you want it, and expand your tea drinking horizons at the same time. Don’t pass this up 🙂

(thepuriTEA currently only ships within the United States)”(credit:

This is a really great deal, and if you are new to tea, or are looking for some new teas to try out, I would recommend you try this deal out. You really can’t argue with such a great discount for quality loose leaf teas!Here is some additional information from STEEPSTER SELECT! Don’t forget to check out ThepuriTea’s new website– it is a few months old and looks fantastic!

Asides from this cool deal, the PuriTea also offers some really cool tea wares and gifts for tea lovers,or yourself! Some of my personal favorites include, their Japanese Tea Set,which I have been eyeballing for a long time! Their double layer Glass Cup,which makes sipping on hot tea easy on your hands!and their Tea Gift Set, which includes some really chic tea packaging!

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