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Review of California Tea House’s Big Red Robe

Brand: California Tea House’s Big Red Robe
Tea Rating: 80/100
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes
Steep Temperature: 195 Degrees

This Big Red Robe is a chinese Oolong tea. This tea is beautiful, refined, exotic and complex, not to mention very tasty. The huge, black, wiry leaves produce an amber cup that fills the air with its smell. The aroma is woody, chocolately, fruity, and toasty. Huge dark leaves are uniform and visually striking. The floral notes come out in the aroma after the tea cools off a bit. The floral aspect reminds me of a jasmine scented tea. The liquor is a very smooth oolong, with lots of flavor. There are hints of spice in this cup, mostly nutmeg and cinnamon tones are the ones I get right away. Right before the fruity flavors set in, this tea has a nutty,almost coconut finish.  The fruitiness of the taste resembles apples, pears and peaches. It’s almost hard to believe this is an oolong because the flavor is so rich and full bodied.

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Photo from the author’s personal library.