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Reviews On the Go-Kataluma Chai’s Traditional Hot Chai

Kataluma Chai is a relatively new tea house in my town. There has been other coffee shops that opened in the past, but due to the downtown being renovated,they never lasted. Kataluma Chai seems to have opened at the perfect time. Te downtown is looking more and more gorgeous everyday, and their Chai Tea is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

First off, the store front is small. But offers up a comfortable, cozy atmosphere that makes you want to sit back and relax while sipping on your drink of choice. They have the most wonderful old-time pictures framed on the wall right as you walk in. Some of the photos are of the owners’ grandparents and family members! My drink of choice? A traditional chai tea. I have gotten this both iced and hot and both ways, it is wonderful. I love the semi sweetness of the tea, that also has some great spice in the taste. I can taste the freshness of the cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom pods within the chai. The tea is rich, and the milk balances out the spice of the chai so perfectly.

Kataluma Chai has local flare, an eclectic offerings of different types of chai. It is chai with a modern flair , and a lot of different tastes and flavors. A good place to hang out that has nice chairs and tables to sit out. Kataluma Chai also offers up some local jersey shore pastries that are delicious. They also serve fresh ice cream, which have tea flavors too! I have yet to try the ice cream but cannot wait! The few times I’ve been there, I have been extremely impressed with the customer service and the warmth of conversation while the barista makes my drink. It is a definite try when you’re in this area of NJ.

P.S. My favorite part of their to go beverage was the little sticker they put over the mouth whole of the cup so your tea doesn’t spill everywhere as you walk!


the first photo was borrowed from Kataluma Chai’s facebook group for use of example of their space. The other two photos are property of Blog Author,Melissa Wrzesniewsky. Please do not use without permission.

Bourgea Tea’s Lucari Chai

Brand: Bourgea Tea

Tea Rating: 80/100

Steep Time: 3-4 minutes

Steep Temperature: 180 Degrees

Upon first look at this tea, I noticed that there were amber cane sugar crystals in the blend, which made me weary, as I am usually not fond of sweetened tea. This tea includes a blend of Sri Lankan Green Tea, Viet Nam Mekong Cinnamon, bits of pineapple and a chai  blend from India. The smell of the dry tea is very spicy, so spicy that it felt like it had cleaned my sinuses. The smell of the steeped liquor was reminiscent of hot spiced cider, with lots of cinnamon. The specialty cinnamon used in the blend really packs some serious heat! The flavor of the tea is light and enjoyable, with a nice cinnamon twang. I would really love to make this tea on the stove, with boiling milk,water and  the chai! The tea would really shine being prepared this way! I was pleasantly surprised with this tea. Looking at the dry leaves, I didn’t spot much green tea, but it must have been masked by the other ingredients. After steeping, there were large leaves everywhere! What a surprise!

I really admire what Chris has done with Bourgea Tea, on my college campus, in the cafe’s there is very little tea selection.The story of the company is Chris was unsatisfied with the tea selection of the cafe on his college campus and started a project to supply great loose leaf tea to the students around him. He started to make the tea bags by hand and sold them in the cafe. ” BourgeaTEA has never lost the vision of challenging the way people think about tea and its emphasis towards college students and living well.”(BourgeaTea.com) This statement and vision is the reason I started this tea blog. When I started getting into tea, I thought there was a stigma about tea, about that only stuffy people drank tea, but through learning more about tea, and working through the stigma, I found out there is more to tea than that!  Check out BourgeaTea, they are doing great things right now in the tea world!

Check out BourgeaTea on the web:

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