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Golden Moon Tea Sugar Caramel Oolong

Brand: Golden Moon Tea Sugar Caramel Oolong
Tea Rating: 93/100
Steep Time: 2-3 minutes
Steep Temperature: 180 Degrees
Price:  3.8 oz tin of tea for $15.99

This tea is a flavored oolong. The dry leaf of this tea smells amazing. It smells like butterscotch candy, caramel and fresh birthday cake. That smell made me want to taste this tea immediately! The tea liquor was darker than I was expecting, it was a darker golden color, and smelled sweet and roasted with some very prominent burnt sugar overtones.
The taste of this tea is much milder than I was expecting, especially with such a powerful caramel overtones in both the dry leaf and the tea liquid. The caramel flavor is strongest on the front part of the my palate, as the tea is first entering my mouth for a sip, while I can still smell the caramel streaming up from the cup.  The oolong flavors in this tea pair nicely with the caramel flavors. These oolong flavors I get are some roasted flavors and some floral notes are prominent as well. There was also a hint of vegetal flavor, but I get much more buttery creaminess that I tasted in this oolong, which twists and turns amazingly with the caramel flavors in my mouth.
The second steep of this tea was not nearly as caramel heavy as the first. The caramel flavor was more subdued, there was still a very subtle sweetness to the tea.I really liked this tea, and I really like that it was more of a scented tea than a flavored tea. The flavors of the caramel were not artificial in taste at all, and tasted excellent paired with the oolong! I would definitely consider buying this tea, and it would be great to unwind with on a cold winter night.

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