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Review of Utopian Teas’ Iron Goddess of Mercy

Brand: Utopian Teas’ Green Spiral

Tea Rating: 85/100

Steep Time: 3-5 minutes

Steep Temperature: 180 Degrees

Utopian Teas is a newly opened online tea retailer. They currently offer 2 oolongs and 2 greens for buying, but will be adding some varietals soon. All of their teas come straight from individual plantations within the Fujian province & Wuyi Mountains in China. Which ensures good,high quality leaves!

Utopian Teas sources all of their fine teas directly from tea plantations within the Fujian Province in China. This province is on the Southeast coast and is a major producer of tea. Unlike many othe

r province’s in China, the Fujian Province produces a wide variety of teas, for example; a variety of oolongs, white tea, black tea and some scented teas.This particular Ti Kuan Yin is a premium first grade tea. Ti Kuan Yin is has a long preparation period, it is usually  hand rolled and then oxidized lightly.  The process culminates  in a low temperature firing which brings out the most delicate flavors of the tea.

I’ve enjoyed this tea personally for the past week, but haven’t wrote a review because I just wanted to sip on it without having to think about it too much. This tea makes me feel , awake and cleansed in a strange way, because I’ve never felt that way with many teas. I’m sitting outside right now, with my cup of TKY and even though it isn’t sitting close to me,the smell is entrancing and is pulling me in for more and more. The smell alone gives this tea an A. It smells like fresh flowers, maybe a spring day, but with a warm “roasty/toasty” aspect as well.The taste is reminiscent of the smell, the flavor is bold,floral and smooth, almost silky. The floral aspect of the tea typically dries your mouth out, but there is that silky feeling after you swallow that coats my mouth and makes my mouth water a bit. The second steep really brings out the roasty flavor of the tea,which is very refreshing. Also in the second steep, I am starting to really taste some fruity undertones on the tea. The fruity tones remind me of a stone fruit flavor, but definitely darker than peaches, so I think of a plum or maybe cherries. I’m off to steep more of this tea, looking forward to more complex flavors unfurling in future steeps!

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Tea Review- Adagio Teas Maestro Collection Fujian Jasmine Pearls

The Jasmine Pearls come from the Fujian Provence in China. With it’s mixture of a subtropical climate and mountains, the Fujian Province has the ideal climate for growing tea.Tea has been produced in this area of China for more than 1600 years, and many of the production techniques that are now implemented by tea farmers originated and started in the Fujian province.

First off, I love the way the hand rolled pearls look- they are dainty,delicate and just beautiful. The pearls are much smaller than I have seen before, but interesting nonetheless. The strong smell of Jasmine is a bit overpowering at first. Although Jasmine is a naturally strong scent that some people don’t enjoy, I do.  The  sweet and floral mixture of Jasmie goes straight to your nose upon opening the container, which automatically either invites you in for more. The liquor of this tea was a very light yellow, with The taste of this tea is not as strong as the smell by any means, the liquor is very delicate and wonderful all around. It’s light, it’s floral, it’s just great. I really think this tea would be wonderful to drink on a summer or spring day when it is not warm or cold, but just in between. All around, I think this tea is great and I respect Adagio for offering higher quality teas in their new Maestro Collection.

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Adagio Tea Maestro Collection- Fujian Ti Kuan Yin

Adagio Tea’s has long been a favorite distributor of fine quality teas.On April 10th, they are releasing their Maestro Collection, which features 8 high quality teas that have been chosen for their complex flavors and aesthetic appearances. I was lucky enough to get my hands on these teas in advance and I have to say I am very impressed! The tea I will be reviewing is their Fujian Ti Kuan Yin.Oolong teas are some of the best teas that come out of tea farms in China, Taiwan, and sometimes even regions in India. “Regional competitions are dedicated to selecting and recognizing the best farmers every season. Oolong teas are full bodied in flavor and aroma ranging from green and floral to dark and roasted with many notes between. Many oolongs undergo a unique roasting process which can last from 12 to 36 continuous hours under the careful eye of a tea master.” (Information from Adagio.com)

This tea was fantastic and even more than I had hoped it to be. Oolongs are some of my favorite teas, and this one was a bit of a surprise. The liquor is a very pale color, which could be a tip off for a light tea, but the flavors are exquisite. On my first sip, I just enjoyed the complexity of the flavors unfurl on my palette. Upon my next few sips, I started to taste some subtle floral qualities that were especially pleasing. Paired along with these floral notes is a sweet honey taste as well as some tropical fruits, I can’t define the tropical fruit, but it really works for this tea and all the flavors pair well together. I steeped this tea 4 times and even on the 4th steep,I was still impressed by the amount of flavor left in the leaves. Next time, I am going to try and steep it 5 or 6 times to see when the flavors dissipate.

Needless to say, this is one tea that I will definitely be picking up when Adagio debut’s their new Maestro Collection and I am excited to try the rest of the collection’s samples! Thanks Ilya at Adagio for hooking me up!

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