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Bourgea Tea’s Detox

Brand: Bourgea Tea
Tea Rating: 85/100
Steep Time: 5 minutes
Steep Temperature: 212 Degrees
Price: 4.5 oz.= $16.00 ; 6.6 oz.= $21.00

I am usually not a big fan of blended or herbal teas, but I have tried a few of Bourgea Teas’ blends and have been pleasantly surprised! On first glance of this tea, I see many different components to it, and it is so beautiful to look at. This tea includes  organic lemon myrtle, juniper, ginger, anise, marigold, and birch leaves — just to name a few! The smell is very licorice heavy, which can be unsettling for some, but I really enjoy the smell of herbs blended together. The tea liquor has a beautiful dark amber color. Unlike the dry tea smell, the steeped tea smells more strongly like lemon. I really like the taste of this tea. The main flavors of the tea are licorice,lemon,pu-erh and rooibos flavors very well! The earthiness of the pu-erh mingles perfectly with the woodiness of the rooibos. Some Rooibos can seem overpowering and woody in flavor,the blend of the two create an interestingly woody/earthy taste that lingers after the initial flavors of the licorice go away. I really enjoyed this tea, and I can see how it can be classified as a tea that is going to cure hangovers, or groggy mornings and make you feel better. I am not usually fond of blends, but this one very well mixed, and is delicious to sip on!

I really admire what Chris has done with Bourgea Tea, on my college campus, in the cafe’s there is very little tea selection.The story of the company is Chris was unsatisfied with the tea selection of the cafe on his college campus and started a project to supply great loose leaf tea to the students around him. He started to make the tea bags by hand and sold them in the cafe. ”  BourgeaTEA has never lost the vision of challenging the way people think about tea and its emphasis towards college students and living well.”(BourgeaTea.com) This statement and vision is the reason I started this tea blog. When I started getting into tea, I thought there was a stigma about tea, about that only stuffy people drank tea, but through learning more about tea, and working through the stigma, I found out there is more to tea than that!  Check out BourgeaTea, they are doing great things right now in the tea world!an of blends, but Chris did a really fantastic job blending this one.

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Review of Cha Cha Tea’s Caramel Rooibos

Brand: Cha Cha Tea’s Caramel Rooibos
Tea Rating: 75/100
Steep Time: 4-6 minutes
Steep Temperature: 212 Degrees

Rooibos, also known as Red Tea, is an herbal plant that grows in South Africa. Rooibos is a caffeine free tea, which makes it perfect for people who are looking to eliminate caffeine. Caramel is essentially melted, almost burned sugar. It is primarily used to flavor candy, drizzled on Caramel Corn or used for dipping fruit in. Cha Cha Tea’s Caramel Rooibos has a delightful smell of caramel, and even has small chucks of caramel in the tea! The caramel is pretty overpowering, and I do not get a very rooibos scent from the dry tea at all. This is good because the Rooibos smell is kind of woody and could scare some novice tea drinkers away from the non caffeinated treat! The taste is more rooibos, and less caramel flavor. Some Rooibos can seem overpowering and woody in flavor, but this description does not fit Cha Cha Teas’. Instead their tea is mellow, and soft cup with some subtle red qualities, like earthiness.

The caramel flavor is not as strong in the steeped tea, it is there, but is more of a complimentary flavor than an overpowering primary flavor. My favorite part of the tea was how the caramel chunks melted to create a bit of creaminess and thickness in the cup. The melted caramel made the tea taste like I added milk to it, when I didn’t, which was interesting! It also added sweetness to the cup, where If you usually add sugar to your teas (I don’t add sugar to hot tea) you wouldn’t have to! To ensure that your rooibos doesn’t get overpowering, I would recommend experimenting with rooibos amounts, by increasing the amount of loose leaves used or the infusion time if you want a more intense flavor, or back off and use less leaves and a shorter steep time for a more subtle cup that won’t overwhelm you at first. I really enjoyed this tea, and actually made my second try of the tea into an iced tea! It tasted so good with a little bit of sugar and ice in it! Definitely one I would want to sip on the patio after a hot summer day!

Cha Cha Tea is a small tea company located in Madison, Wisconsin. She almost exclusively sells organic teas, meaning she supports growers and farmers who farm using organic and natural methods. These methods yield a much healthier and tastier cup of tea! AlsoCha Cha Tea is a small tea company, that focuses on providing small amounts of artisan teas to their customers. I’ve had a wonderful experience with Maleah at Cha Cha Tea and would definitely order from them in the future!

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