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Review of Teas Etc. Tung Ting

Brand: Teas Etc. Tung  Ting

Tea Rating: 73/100

Steep Time: 1-3 minutes

Steep Temperature: 190 Degrees


Tung Ting Oolong is also known as Jade Oolong, and is sourced out of Taiwan. In Taiwan, tea cultivation began in the early 1800’s, which is more recently than in other tea producing countries, like China or Japan. Since their beginnings with tea production, many Chinese teas that are grown in the Fujian Province, like Iron Goddess of Mercy, Silver Tips, and many other oolongs, are now also grown in Taiwan. It is believed that many Taiwanese families can trace their original roots back to the Fujian Province of China, which would show that the tea producing methods and culture migrated from this province to Taiwan with these families.


This Tung Ting Oolong is a very special oolong, different from some others that are popular, because it is a green oolong. Teas Etc’s Tung Ting is rolled into balls, which are reminiscent of the way Ti Kuan Yin Oolong looks. The dry leaves have a wonderful aroma, that is a bit fruity with subtle floral undertones. Unlike darker oolongs, which are known to have a smokey flavor and an amber appearance, green oolongs are much lighter in color and don’t exhibit any of that smokiness that is found in the darker ones. Green Oolongs receive very minimal oxidation, which revealed through this flavorful tea, which features honey, floral and fresh notes.This is a wonderful oolong. I’ve started to get into oolongs more and more recently, and I am really enjoying them. For me, the smell is slightly fruity but not overpowering. Just a good smell I love to breathe in when brewing a cup of this marvelous tea! The taste is full bodied, a little sweet and completely refreshing!


If you are new to oolongs, but love green teas, I would recommend this tea as it is a lighter, slight sweet tasting tea that is all around delicious.

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