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LeafSpa Teas’ Yunnan Gold Review

Brand: LeafSpa Yunnan Gold

Tea Rating: 85/100

Steep Time: 5:00

Steep Temperature: 205 Degrees

LeafSpa Tea is an online retailer that offers a variety of organic, fair-trade teas.  They are committed to have an exceptional collection of teas  that are all USDA certified organic teas. The company has a passion for top quality teas as well as the environment, fair trade and community involvement. Whether looking for  a tea for stimulation,relaxation, weight loss, detoxification, or overall heath improvement, LeafSpa can provide consumers with all of these teas and more. They are currently working on a line of spa products based on teas, such as Green Tea massage oils, Rooibos Tea Soap Scrubs and much more!

Yunnan Gold is a black tea from the Yunnan Provence of China. Yunnan is located in Southern China and is know to have been producing tea for two thousand years. The Yunnan Provence harbors some of the oldest tea trees found in China. Teas from Yunnan are known for their unique peppery taste, which is commonly found in many of the black teas produced  in the provence.

LeafSpa Teas’ Yunnan Gold is a very smooth, light tea. Considering it is from the Yunnan Provence, this tea is on the lighter side of teas coming out of the region. The lightness is reminiscent of a breakfast black tea. The liquor color is a beautiful copper color, but the flavor is the best part of the tea. The taste includes a tobacco flavor, but is also earthy and peppery in the aftertaste.. There is a lot of body for this tea  and just a hint of that darkness that is commonly found in Yunnan teas. The peppery aspect of the tea is found in the aftertaste of the tea and has honey hints that pairs nicely with the slight pepperiness. This pepper flavor is a subtle aspect of the tea versus a dominant flavor in the liquor, which is very pleasing.

All in all, I really enjoyed this tea,while sitting watching the first game of the season for the Yankees, I am drinking this tea and enjoying it very much. I really thing this would be a great tea to drink in the morning as a wake up tea, and I will probably bring it to my 9 am class on Tuesday! I have had nothing but a good experience with Steven and Jennifer from LeafSpa. Not only do I recommend them because they are from New Jersey, where I am from and I love to represent my home state, but because LeafSpa is a wonderful company and are working towards great goals to maintain organic and fair trade teas and contribute to their  community and the environment through improving global trade conditions. Check them out!

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