Where to Find Me



3 responses to “Where to Find Me

  1. Hi Melissa! Would you have any interest in receiving a few samples of our teas for your review on this blog? We’d be honored to send you some samples and let us know if you prefer flavors vs. straight, green vs. black, etc…. Let us know your mailing address and your preferences and we will put them right out in the mail today! Hope you enjoy Alice in Wonderland Tonight (following you on Twitter). Haven’t seen it myself, but, I’ll wait for your review first.

    All the best,
    Steve from LeafSpa

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  3. Hello,

    This is Na-Ha from Hampstead Tea.

    I saw your blog on the Tea and we are very interested in it. I wonder if you would agree to publish a press release on our new products.

    If you do, please contact me to helo.naha@gmail.com.

    Thank you for your time,
    Best Regards


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