The Tea Room Caramel Honeybush Chocolate Bar

Brand: The Tea Room Caramel Honeybush Chocolate Bar
Tea Rating: 65/100 
Price: $3.99 at Wegmans

The Tea Room sells all different kinds of flavored chocolate bars, but in my local Wegmans, they only sold 2, the honeybush caramel and earl grey. They sell a black masala chai mixed with milk chocolate, which sounds like it would be delicious. I’ve had a truffle similar to that from Arbor Teas’ chocolate collection, and i loved it! So I will have to pick that one up.

Moving on, The Honeybush Caramel chocolate bar smelled like chocolate, and faintly like honey. I didn’t get any caramel or honeybush on the nose. The taste of the chocolate is different, and not what I was expecting. I expected the chocolate bar to taste just like a chocolate bar, with barely any tea included in the taste. Instead, the honeybush taste is the only thing on my palate while chewing. Sadly, I did not taste much caramel in the bar, maybe some light honey sweetness instead of the caramel. I was disappointed in the taste, as it was too much honeybush flavor, which I am not a huge fan of. The honeybush flavor in the chocolate bar was woody, earthy and a bit straw-like. I would have liked to taste some more caramel in the bar, and maybe even some added caramel nibs mixed into the chocolate would have helped. All in all, the chocolate bar was okay, but I wouldn’t purchase it again, as it wasn’t ‘my cup of tea’ ….ha ha! I will be searching out their Masala Chai chocolate bar, as that one sounds like something I would enjoy more! So look for that review when I acquire the chocolate bar.

One response to “The Tea Room Caramel Honeybush Chocolate Bar

  1. I can see honeybush working well with chocolate. I feel you though in terms of not tasting enough chocolate…this is a problem with some milk chocolate, it just doesn’t have a strong enough chocolate flavor for me. I think honeybush is something that can generally hold its own, flavor-wise, and I could imagine it working in a higher-cocoa-content, dark chocolate bar.

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